Google and Their Ever-Changing Algorithm

Google must constantly work to keep their algorithm ahead of the latest tricks of SEO spammers; this is something taken as fact and not questioned by most. Everything they do is in the name of providing the best results for the consumer, or is it?

The most recent change, made in late February 2011, that Google pushed out in the US has been in the works for over a year. This algorithm update is to address the power balance between content farms and sites with unique and valuable content. On the surface this seems like a benign change that will only hurt sites that replicate content from other sites. Well, it seems like those sites were not the only ones affected by this change.

I know of some sites that provide great content and were extremely relevant to their terms that have now essentially fallen off the map. Sites that have been deemed relevant for so long, who are not seedy sites just looking for traffic, are all the sudden completely irrelevant? I’m sorry but I call foul here. I understand that over time relevancy on a particular subject can change and more authoritative sources can be found but going from being ranked in the top 10 to off the top 1000 on multiple keywords is unfathomable to me.

Why is it that we’ve let Google come in and control almost 90% of worldwide search volume? I am willing to accept my fair share here…I haven’t used anything but Google as my primary search engine since at least 2004. I want to know how you feel about the power that Google holds in being able to make changes to their algorithm that negatively affect large and small businesses in one fell swoop.

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