Fiesta Movement Application

That’s right folks, I’m applying for the Fiesta Movement: Social Remix. I know exactly what you’re thinking “but you won’t fit in there, you’re too tall!” That is exactly why I want to do this (not to mention the possibility of driving a Fiesta ST.)

What is this Fiesta Movement?

In the Fiesta Movement, Ford is going to let 100 agents drive a Fiesta for 6 months going on all kinds of missions, some that you pick and others that they have arranged like going for a ride with a Pikes Peak hill climber in the passenger seat! How awesome would that be?

Why do I want this car?

If I’m picked I’ll get to go on missions to show off and have fun with the car. If I’m picked and get a Fiesta ST you can bet I’ll be at Cars and Coffee every month and that I’ll show up to the next Boston Mountains Tour with the S2ki club in it.

So, please watch my video, like it, subscribe to my channel and most importantly share it! With your help I will get picked to drive one of the coolest new “hot-hatches” coming to the market.

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